Thursday, 11 December 2014


Photoshop Experiments

Photoshop Helps

I have done as much as I can in my city, now I've brought it into Photoshop.

Maya City- DONE

Done. Now to Photoshop!

Light Tests

I've been experimenting with different light effects in Maya and how each type of light would change my final image. I've then rendered them to get a clear idea of which one to use overall.


I have finally started adding colour to Orucis! Which took long enough. In all honesty the colour of the buildings are not what makes my image of Orucis. The city is deprived of bright colours, only the sky that backdrops it has vast shades of colour. For this render, I am relying on the lighting and shadows to bring out the best in the city.
Decided colour scheme

Orucis First Render Tests

Before adding colour and light to the city, I'm testing out the render view to give n impression of what the end result will look like.

Orucis Bridges

I have now started focusing on the smaller details in my city, and one of those is the bridges, which I am honestly having trouble with. But I don't really want a lot of detail with the bridges, I really want the impression of them to create a visible connection between the buildings.

Planning Orucis in Maya

An overlook of how my city is looking in Maya.

Orucis Set Background

This is the backdrop to my city made in Maya. I painted this Photoshop after I put my buildings in front of my concept art. I realized I needed to create another image that fits in better with the layout in Maya. So I created an image that puts distance between the models and the buildings in the backdrop. To achieve this I left out a lot of detail that was in the original concept drawing, so the contents of the image looks far away and distant.

Orucis Buildings in Maya- Modeling Complete

These are the fore buildings completely modeled that re featured in my final piece. After modeling these four buildings, I then duplicated them and altered some of the copies to make new buildings and let the city look more busy. I wanted a sense of distance in my final, which is why the background is painted with little detail.  
Building 1- Front

Building 1- Side

Building 1- Top

Building 1- Bottom

Building 2- Front

Building 2- Side

Building 2- Top

Building 2- Bottom

Building 3- Front

Building 3- Side

Building 3- Top

Building 3- Bottom

Building 4- Front

Building 4- Side

Building 4- Top

Building 4- Bottom

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Orucis Set in Maya

Here I have imported the buildings I made into a set and started to position them before I add light and colour. I had made four different buildings in Maya, so when I imported them my set looked a little bare and very two dimensional, so I duplicated the models and adjusted the copies so no two buildings looked the same.