Thursday, 14 July 2016

Hand Drawn Animation in Photoshop Sped Up- Rough Squash and Stretch Test

There's a tutorial by the artist and animator Aaron Blaise about creating a squash and stretch effect for character animation. This is my very rough attempt at creating one for a character I made up. I made this in Photohshop and recorded it to see how long it would take me and to look back over any mistakes I made.             

The tutorial can be found here:

In the tutorial Aaron Blaise is using TVPaint as his animation software, but seeing that I don't have that and I don't really like using Flash, I went for Photoshop and created this very short piece in there.

Over all this took me around forty minutes to complete, and the video editing took a further thirty minutes to do.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Castle on a Cloud- Animation Lip Sync Test

I wanted to try out some lip syncing and fancied using Photoshop to animate on again. This is very basic blocking out of a short clip of animation, which I could take ahead further and improve. For now I've left it too late in the day to add more onto it, and I might get another sound bite to work from for tomorrow. Sound bite is from the 11 Second Club.


Saturday, 9 July 2016

Experimenting in Photoshop: Grey Scale to Colour

I came across a tutorial on how to colour black and white drawings. I wanted to try it as I had never tried rendering a drawing like this and I like the look it creates as it reminds me of book illustrations. 

The link to the tutorial is here:

I really like how this image has turned out and hope to use this technique in the future.


Clean up lines 

Grey scale (longest part, took around 7-8 hours for me)

Soft light colour layer with out grey scale underneath

Final image