Friday, 27 February 2015

Hookworm Holidays- First Environment Thumbnails in Photoshop

I focused these thumbnails on a variety of images taken of the inside of the human body. I decided I'll start by working in an abstract style, to help me establish an atmosphere to build structures around. I am particularly happy with thumbnail number ten. I used a brush that mimics grass texture, and I painted over the canvas with that brush until it created a new kind of texture, like fabric, cotton or fur. This may be something I could bring into 3D work.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Hookworm Holiday- Environment Influences

Now I've done the first story board I realize what aspects of the animation I need to design. I'm going to start with the environments because they will establish a style and vision for the story. I also think it will be a challenge to re-create the interior of a human body. I have a number of organs and body parts that will be featured in my animation, so I need to research them and create some thumbnails. I'd also like to establish an artistic influence, and find an artist off some kind to visually altar my work. 
  • Poo
  • Skin layers
  • Bloodstream
  • Lungs (interior and exterior)
  • Windpipe
  • Mouth
  • Saliva glans 
  • Stomach
  • Small intestine 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Hookworm Holiday- First Story Board

This is a very rough story board to help me plan ahead. As soon as I establish a full story board, I can see exactly what I have to design in terms of environments, characters and props.
'For a bookworm, life may seem a dump...'

'So why not get away? With Hookworm Holidays!'   

'Simply attach yourself to a human foot. Carefully.'

'And then burrow down below the skin.'

'First, one of our tour guides will take you to the ravishing red rivers of the human blood stream.'

'Gorgeous views and tranquil settings, you will travel peacefully up the first point of interest.' 

'The colossal lungs of the chest cavity.'

'Enjoy the gentle breeze of the human inhaling and exhaling.'

'Then try an adrenaline rush.'

'With our very own flying simulator.'

'The breeze will escort you to the sky high views of the mouth.'

'Take in the historic surroundings of the organic cave.'

'Up next is rafting the saliva rapids which will bring you to the spa.'  

'Located in the stomach are the hot acid baths, to help melt away the stress that comes with the hookworm life.'

'Why not enjoy a bite to eat from our buffet whilst resting your rump?'

'And after a long full filling day, settle in for the night in the lower intestines.'

'But you can't stay too long...'

'Ha ha, just kidding. You can stay as long as you like. Hookworm Holidays are fun for the whole family, so why not bring the kids?'

'Why not make more?'

Hookworm Holiday- Book Work

I've been making notes from Peter Klappa's video about hookworms, and drawing diagrams to help me plan out a possible story. That's when I thought of creating a holiday promotion video, using the human body as a tourist destination for parasites.

First concept drawings. On the left are a family of hookworms. On the right is a tour guide hookworm.

Hello Mr Clown

This has been on my wall for a very long time and I only just realised today I haven't posted it. This is from the life drawing session where our model was a clown, all the way back from Halloween.

Life Drawings- Da Vinci Style

In this session I influenced my work from Leonardo Da Vinci's studies of the human body. Here I emphasised the muscles in the body. I tried to imagine the model with out his skin. I'm really happy with the drawings I produced.

Life Drawings- Close Studies and Colours

These were taken from two sessions, in which we were encouraged to study parts of the body we would usually avoid, such as hands and feet. We also looked at the anatomy of the body and focused on proportion. Also we brought colour into our drawings, for some I used bold shades that are a far cry to what the model looked like.