Thursday, 27 November 2014

Final Concept Art (Again)

After Phil's comment on my OGR I decided to re- design my city slightly. I think that this concept shows more of my artist through it more than my last final image.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Orucis Composition Practice

After altering my original idea of what Orucis will look like, I also need to create a new concept drawing to work from for Maya. So right now I am testing out different ideas of how my final picture will look. It's difficult as I want to incorporate all the aspects to do with the scale, distance and size of the city, to make it as atmospheric as possible.

Orucis Re-think

After Phil's feedback I decided to slightly re-design my city idea. I only have a few changes to make but I know it will improve my concept idea much better than what I originally had.

Light and Shade in Maya

This morning I did a workshop in adjust light and shade on a model in Maya. Using a house model I added directional light and altered the light by change the position and angle.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Orucis Final- Concept Art

It's finished! The concept artwork any way. And now I have to stick it in an OGR. Great.

Final Complete

Orucis Perspective Practice

Before creating my final I've decided to study the perspective of the picture first, so I have done some quick thumbnails to help guide me and show me a rough idea of what each viewpoint will look in terms of scale. I've also colour coded each sketch, with yellow being furthest away from the viewer and red being the nearest and clearest in focus.

Final Image Practice- Sketch Book

I found a thumbnail that I drew roughly in my sketch book that I want to take further as my final concept piece. I want to get an immersive shot of the city that also shows off the scale and size of the city.

Orucis Thumbnails- Sketch Book

I find it much easier to sketch ideas down on paper before making it digital. In all honesty I would rather do my final piece on paper rather than on Photoshop, but it really helps me to draw roughly in a sketch book first.

Life Drawing

I know I haven't posted any of my life drawings from this term but I will be posting them soon! It's a matter of photographing them and putting them up on the blog. In todays session I did a mixture between working on A2 paper and in my sketch book. We focused mainly on time management, sketching to a certain amount of time. We've done sketches in five minutes, three minutes, one minute and thirty seconds.