Monday, 13 July 2015

Inspired Artwork- 'Un tour de manège'

A while back I watched an animation from Gobelins school called 'Un tour de manège'. Even though it was computer animated in 3D, it's unique art style brought it miles away from looking typically computer generated. It was such a beautiful form of art work, that I did a couple of pieces on Photoshop, inspired by this style. To me it looks like grains of coloured sand that merge into a faint image. This style of art makes me think of memories, that are grainy and not clear in our minds when we look back on them.

Photoshop paintings above done by me. 

'Un tour de manège'- from Gobelins school of animation.

Speed Painting Challenge- 'It's Dusk in the Pleasure Gardens of the Samphire King...'

... And dinner is being served.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Character Design Challenge- Master chief

Mother of the Universe

I was blowing bubbles when for some reason, I imagined them turning into planets. I then imagined a woman, like a Greek Goddess, creating the universe planet by planet as if she was blowing bubbles. I think it's a nice idea for a short animation, so I'll keep this idea in mind in case I can use it in future.

Speed Painting Challenge- The Lair of the White Worm

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Speed Painting Challenge- The Day of the Triffids

My front cover for this iconic book. I haven't read it or seen any film adaptation, but I loosely know the plot.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Cathedral Sketches

In my little sketchbook I had done a lot of drawings of Canterbury cathedral. I decided to work on bigger paper so I can spend longer on the sketches, and include more detail. One thing I found difficult when working on a larger scale, was getting proportions and perspective right. I now can see that these drawings look a little distorted in places and I could tidy them up better.

More Sketchbook Work

Sketchbook Work

I've been keeping a small sketchbook in my bag and scribbling sketches in it from time to time. These sketches were all drawn from life, mainly of places I go to, such as cafes, restaurants, uni, hairdressers and there are quite a few of Canterbury cathedral. There are more sketches to upload, but I have to edit them as blogger automatically rotates the images and doesn't give the option for me to change that.