Friday, 12 June 2015

Cloud the Leopard- Walk Animation in Photoshop

I find animating in Flash useful but frustrating, as I don't like the type of brush used to draw the frames with. I felt that I could get delicate lines to express the same kind of movement my pencil sketches have. So I decided to try a long animation process by doing it in Photoshop. I'm aware there's an option to animate in Photoshop, however I used multiple layers to act as frames, then saved them as JPEG files and import them as a sequence into After Effects. Though it worked, the software told me I don't have 'quicktime' installed and warned me some things won't run properly. I found this out when I rendered a video, and the file continuously lags when viewed. So I converted the frames into gifs.
 This was a little complicated.
 Started with a simple outline, and I already prefer how this looks in Photoshop compared to Flash.
 Then inserted layers underneath each frame to apply colour and small details.
 Finally added a background and foreground to finish it off.
Individual frames that could be imported into After Effects.

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