Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Astrologer- Final UV Textures

After looking at the last UV textures I made for my character, I realized that I should go for something simpler. I've also taken into consideration the fact that the cut lines on the UV maps can show up on the model. So I bordered the edges on the maps so it would cover the lines up. It didn't work last time, as I tried shading the borders in different tones, which actually made the lines show up more. Anyway I'm happier with how it's turned out this time round.


  1. Cat, he turned out truly amazing :DD And what a sass master!!!

    1. Thanks, Julien :) although he's not finished yet

  2. Hi Cat

    Come and see me and I'll help you improve your shaders a bit.

  3. Aw he is looking adorable so far, good job Cat!