Thursday, 26 May 2016

Sketching from Google Earth

There were times when I'd waste hours away on Google Earth, and just looking at random countries. I find Google Earth to be slightly addictive, but I thought it could benefit me if I drew sketches from it. As the street view cameras are panoramic, it makes it more interesting to draw from instead of drawing from a photograph. Having panoramic images allow me to look around the landscape as I was sketching. These drawings are speed paintings done in Photoshop and I didn't spend much time on them, and kept them quite rough. I focused on natural landscapes this time, but I'd like to tackle city landscapes next.


  1. Nice job Cat. Interesting idea for a project too. Have you tried mashing up similar climates? Ireland/ UK and Japan for example. Might be fun.

  2. Cheers, Alan. I might try that :D