Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Character Concept- Honey Heist

The challenge is to design a game including the characters based on three random themes. The themes I was given were gender, weaponry and stickiness. And this is my idea for a game based on the themes. This game is called 'Honey Heist.' A 3D video game where the player can choose to be one of three characters.
 First there are wasp thieves who's goal is to steal honey from bee hives and take back to their guild. The wasps are stealthy in design and are able to move quicker than their enemies.
 However the wasps have to get past the bee guards, which the player can also choose to become. The bees are not as fast as the wasps but have much stronger attacks and are able to take far more damage.
 Commanding the bee guards are the queen bees. The player can also choose to become this character and this offers a new type of game play. The queens are in charge of the hive and their role is to build up their kingdoms and command their armies. However if their armies fail them they would have to go into combat. In battle the queens can inflict the highest amount of damage in the game, but they also are highly vulnerable to attack.


  1. It looks really cool and I love your concepts! But now I want to know how exactly the gender plays a role and the stickiness, are there sticky honey traps all over that wasps have to dodge but bees and queen bees can navigate through quicker? I look forward to seeing more :)