Wednesday, 16 September 2015

New Blog for the Group!

So I've put together a simple blog ready for our group to start posting. I'm in a group with Kavia, Mailin and Andy. I doubt there will be much on there to post for this week but we would appreciate people to start following our blog for when start the new project. Big thanks to Andy for the title of our studio.


  1. Hey Cat - your mentor-ree is Almu @

    Almu hasn't posted anything yet, but I've given her your blog address. Keep an eye out for her. Much appreciated.

  2. Hi Cat

    Please see the image attached - Sorry if this seems a bit 'nit picky' but if you're a 3D studio the one your logo should have is correct perspective. Otherwise it gives the impression of poor quality.

    1. Thanks Alan, we do some touch ups to it when we're back at uni. When we're all in the same place, might also need your help for this too :)