Saturday, 12 December 2015

Character- The City of Parvus

The game is set in a fantastical city called Parvus. The city is ruled by Mater and her hive, and the citizens are made up of different species of insects. 

 Like most cities, Parvus has a class system which is determined by species. Creatures such as ants are classed as workers and are made to work in the city mines until they die.

The working class live in very organic style homes. They don't build their houses, they grow them, as this is more affordable and convenient. However naturally made houses are not so comfortable and tend to decay after a period of time. This means that they have to be constantly re-planted.

The higher class citizens are more beautiful species such as butterflies. They have ownership over the workers and live in a district of the city known as 'Lofty' which is located close to the hive. 

 Their house are more artificial in style and are influenced by stone plant pots and greenhouses.


  1. Beautiful drawings! I am looking forward to seeing your project in a finished state :3