Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Character- Wasp Weaponry

The wasp designs are based on predatory animals, such as big cats, wolves and birds of prey. This means that their fighting style would resemble that of an animal. So when sketching weapons for the wasps, I focused on enhancing what the wasp beast naturally have.
Wasp Beast without weaponry. 

1: Tail Blade- made to enhance the strike of a wasp's sting, and also help to protect it in combat.
2: Tackle Mount- to prevent enemies from striking the back, and also is used to impale any creature standing in the way of a running wasp.
3: Swipes- to extend the length and attacks of the arms.

Venenum has a tail blade which is known as the 'Queen Cleaver,' made especially for killing queen bees.

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