Wednesday, 21 January 2015

From Script to Screen


  1. OGR 22/01/2015

    Hi Cat,

    I want to see some film reviews on your blog this week please. Come on, get with it; no more 'pick and mixing' please, or you'll be sabotaging other units for yourself - including Contextual studies... I want to see much more frequent and consistent engagement from you across the breath and depth of the project brief... there, bad cop routine done with...

    So - there's a glimmer of something going on here - the idea of a ghost refusing entrance to a dentist, but the idea of the dentist 'winning' because he pretends to be terrifying doesn't close the loop for me. It doesn't satisfy anyone's motives or goals.

    An idea: the point about hauntings is that they're often predicated upon 'unfinished business' - the idea of a ghost being unable to rest because of something incompleted or interrupted while the individual was alive. This is the tradition of every classic ghost story - i.e. that the haunting ends, or the ghost is satisfied after the thing that wasn't resolved in life is resolved finally in death.

    So, you've got a dentist who moves into new premises, only to discover it's haunted by a wailing spirit. Act 1 is classic horror stuff; lights going out, matches struck, wailing ghost, mouth always open etc., always wailing; then, as the story plays out, we figure out that the ghost died with terrible toothache, and its reason for haunting the dentist is so he/she can have her tooth sorted. Basically, the ghost is a misunderstood patient! Story ends with the ghost living happily alongside dentist - they share the house happily. I don't think you need a third character or a further layering of story; I think you need to look at the relationship between the ghost and dentist; tonally it feels as it moves from straight-faced horror through to something a good deal more heart-warming. Ideally, you'd find a way to make the relationship between the ghost and the dentist of mutual benefit by the end of the story - so in essence, by ACT 3 they've 'completed' each other in some way - i.e. they both have deficits or needs, which the resolution of the toothache/act of kindness satisfies and addresses.

  2. I'm getting my shit together so I will be catching up with reviews and Maya work, it will be easier now I've got my computer. I on;y got it last week and it wasn't working for that time and it was driving me up the wall. I am extremely anxious about this term. I wanted my computer to come over Christmas so I could catch up, but like I said I only just got it. I really don't want to fall behind and I'm worried that my blog isn't getting enough views. Ever since I changed web address for my blog the page views plummeted. I need people to re-add me to their reading lists so they can see updates. I tried twice before by sharing the link on Facebook, but I'm lucky to get more than five views a post!

    With the story I wanted to parody the idea of romance and wooing. Having two men chase after this dead woman for her haunted house. I've had a lot of ideas for the story, and been having trouble choosing one, but I particularly liked this idea because it would be good for character development. Also seeing that this animation is only a minute long, don't want to over complicate the story.