Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Story Board- Contact

The film 'Contact' was released in 1997 and is an interpretation of what it may be like if humanity makes contact with alien life. The film was adaptation of a book written by Carl Sagan and depicts how contact with alien intelligence may be achieved, and what the effect this would have on the world. In this scene the main character, Ellie, is sitting on her car under the night sky, listening to a radio connected to an observatory. She sits in a relaxed state, nearly a sleep, listening to radio static, this is depicted in frame one of the story board. The static noise then gradually becomes a pulse and develops into an alien, pulsing sound. This is heard throughout this scene from frames two to thirteen. Ellie then grabs her bag and leaps into the drivers seat and speeds away to her fellow scientists. I drew the story board using biro and fine liner pens, and used coloured boarders to show when the camera cuts and changes view. Also I drew out a rough sketch of a sound wave under the frames where Ellie can hear the alien signal, this was to give a visible image as to what she was hearing. 

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