Thursday, 8 January 2015

Story and Commission- New Thoughts (Please read and comment)

After looking back through my sketchbook I found a doodle of a ghost I did earlier in the week. I then thought I could incorporate this into my animation. Originally the story centered around the dentist living a depressing life in a haunted house, then I woke up the next morning and said 'no.' That would be something that will take up a lot more time in production and the animation would have to be longer in order for it to make sense. I decided to simplify the motive of the story and take away the depression that I originally had in mind. So here's my new idea.

  1. There's a little ghost (not very scary one) who lives in a little haunted house in a little town.
  2. This day a group of bigger, scarier ghost and ghouls move into the town and kick our little ghost out of his house.
  3. The ghost goes next door and moves in with the local dentist (without permission) and makes himself at home by decorating the house in the spooky manner he's used to.
  4. The dentist is a kind man but thinks it's not a good idea if the ghost should stay, and so decides to help the ghost get his house back. 
  5. Dentist crafts a set of terrifying teeth for the ghost.
  6. Ghost wears teeth and scares the other ghost out of his house.
  7. Ghost get his home back and remains neighborly friends with the dentist.  

Any thoughts?  


  1. Do you an idea of how to incorporate the match box in the story? :o

    1. Yeah I forgot to mention that and the answer is no. I don't have an idea. Yet :)

  2. Can little ghostie live off matches or something? I think we were talking before about him maybe shrinking down and sleeping in a matchbox. :)