Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Astrologer- Character Model Progress for Adaptation B

I wouldn't say I've finished the head yet, as I keep finding things to improve on it, but I've started on the rest of the body anyway. So far it's looking how I imagined, but I'll modify it more when I've completed and put together all the parts for him.


  1. Hi there - just a gentle prod from me re. completing the Internal Student Survey. Go here for the original post and a bit more info about the survey and why it's important to participate.

    They should have emailed your login details to your ucreative accounts, but if no email has arrived contact and request your login details from the powers-that-be. When you've completed the survey leave a 'done it' comment on the original post - this means I'll stop prodding you - gently or otherwise! ;) Many thanks!

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