Friday, 5 February 2016

The Habits of the Single Lady- Infographic: Adaptation A Submission


My submission for the adaptation A project. My infographic listing the habits of the single lady, with the art of included. 

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  1. Considering how apprehensive you were about this project (and After Effects) I think you’ve managed to achieve a good infographic. I enjoyed watching it. It has a strong sense of identity, personality, and a cohesive use of graphic design. I like your designs, your choice of font, and the placement of objects on the screen. There is also clear communication of information and good choice of topic (script) - Overall, a good use of the time and a successful outcome. Well done.


    1) Text: Generally speaking your use of text is good but in few places it’s a little too ‘wordy’ too. For example the ‘breath’ seen has a piece of animation followed by a long explanation. The explanation in this case is a stand for further animation – It’s describing in place of showing. In a couple of places the text also stays on screen too long, the opening for habit one (‘in the absence of a spouse etc’) for example.

    2) Animation: Overall there is a good level of animation timing in your film however there are few places where the execution is a little ‘clunky’. For example, the ‘off license’ screen should just be one clean ‘swipe’ instead of stopping then starting etc. I also think there’s a ‘top’ level of animation ideas missing from your work. For example animation which creates more interest and gives your scenes a flourish or ending. Such as;

    A) Eyes should be moving (in all scenes).
    B) The dating scene needs a ‘tickle’ and reaction at the end.
    C) The plant scene needs animation (nothing happens?), the needles dropping of the cactus for example.