Sunday, 31 May 2015

Mythical Circus- The Chimera and the Manticore

Early designs of two ancient Greek mythological beasts I had in mind for the mythical circus. The chimera and the manticore are two famous legendary creatures that have had many visual portrayals, but this is my interpretation.
 Chimera is a beast known to have three heads all from different animals. A lion, a goat and a snake. Though if I ever wanted to animate this creature, I'd rather have it with just one head. So I created a hybrid between the three animals. I think it looks a bit like a Chinese dragon, being a long serpent with horns and a lion's mane.

 The manticore is a lion beast with bat wings and a scorpion tail. I felt the wings may of made it look a bit ridiculous, so I put a type of fin going down its spine. This manticore is part of a kind of lion taming act in the mythical circus.

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  1. I love the sketches on the black background! Really dynamic : )