Friday, 29 May 2015

The Mythical Circus

So I've had this idea for a while now and have done quite a bit of sketchbook doodles from it, but I now want to create some production work for it as if it was being made into an animated film. It's a flying circus made up of mythical beings and creatures. Wouldn't surprise me if there have been stories similar to this concept, but I've got my own vision of this circus.
 The circus flies around the world in a flying ship structure. This is the first sketch I've done of it, but I may re-design this concept later on.
 An idea for a circus act is to have air acrobatics performed by harpies. Harpies are mythical creatures which are half women and half bird, so it fits in well with air acrobatics, as they would be natural aerodynamic.  
When doing rough sketches of the harpies I realized how much life drawings lessons really improved my ability to draw human figures.
 In the history of circus acts and freak shows, bearded women were a popular attraction. For this circus a bearded gorgon seems more interesting. Gorgons are women with hair made of snakes and the ability to turn people to stone with a single stare.

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