Thursday, 1 October 2015

Character- Hive Heist Character Concepts

I decided to change the name of my game from 'Honey Heist' to 'Hive Heist' as I feel it's more appropriate for the tone of the game. I've also made concept art for the four character options in the game.

Hive Heist is a brawl game where there are two teams fighting against each other, bees and wasps. The bees guard their hives from intruders whilst the wasps attempt to brake into those hives and steal honey from inside.

 The Queen Bee is a mage fighter, which means she uses magic for combat and is able to inflict a high amount of damage. If the player chooses to be a Queen Bee, they must either take over a bee hive and claim it for their own, or start their own hive and colony of bees. Once in charge of a hive, the Queen Bee must give her colonies orders to maintain the hive. If she doesn't do this well enough, her colony will over throw her and she will be kicked out from her own hive.

 Serving the Queen Bees are the Bee Guards. These characters are the best warriors in the game and have the most powerful melee attacks.

Wasp Thieves have the task of stealing the honey from the bees. They are built lightly for stealth and sneak based attacks. They serve a Wasp Queen by gifting her with golden honey and in return she'll use her magic to grant them certain powers. Unlike the Bee Guards, Wasp Thieves can serve more than one Queen, as they can gain more variety in powers depending on which Queen they serve. 

Wasp Queen is a character that deals in dark magic. Like the Queen Bee she is a mage fighter and uses magic in combat. She is more of a villain character and I know from experience that it's always fun to play the bad guy once in a while.