Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Life Drawing- Wedding Day of the Dead

Today in life drawing the model was dressed to the theme of day of the dead, to fit in with Halloween. I really enjoyed this session as it gave us the chance to experiment with colour and patterns. I found it difficult to get start with just charcoal, so after the first sketch I moved onto water colours. When it came to the final sketch, I decided to use mixed media. However I found this really tricky as my first attempt went wrong. So I flipped the sketch around and started again.

Fifteen minutes 

 One- two minutes

 Ten- thirty seconds

Twenty-five minutes


  1. I really like all these drawings! Great work : )
    Also, the mixed media page is amazing!

  2. I like the quick watercolours :) and the last page, I want to try and use tipex for the highlights