Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Character- Hive Heist: Solusa NPC

In my game I want there to be lots of different quest lines for the characters. I also want to incorporate other animals in the game so it can add more variety in terms of characters. This non playable character is a spider called Solusa. If you choose to play as a wasp you have to obtain honey for your queen. One quest the player can do is to seduce Solusa and get her to give up her personal supplies of honey as gifts. However the only way this can happen is if the main character marries Solusa, in which she will give honey to her groom. Yet the groom can not stay for long as Solusa has a reputation for eating her husbands on the wedding nights. And so the character must seduce her whilst avoiding her constant suggestions to go to bed.


  1. I really like her design! Very evil and zombie-like, although for some reason I don't quite read her as a spider...: (

    1. yeah there are few things that need improving :') I drew this from my own imagination with out referencing from real life. I think I need to take time to study real spiders for inspiration