Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Narrative- First Animatic

This is the first animatic made for our narrative project. I plan on putting together another one, after seeing the mistakes through this one. A couple of things can be improved with the timing, but that is on my part as I put this together. What I have notices that may need to be changed is the written text on screen. Some of it needs to be shortened so it is easier for the audience to read quickly.


  1. Looking good but needs a couple timing tweaks here and there (we can discuss those). However my main criticism would be the the full use of the screen. Try framing the character closer up. You could use the distance you currently have as establishing shot then we could move closer as things get more 'personal' (head/ upper body shot).

    1. I will make changes for the next animatic. I'll post an updated story board before then as well. :)