Thursday, 23 October 2014

Anastasia Final Complete

This is my street shot of Anastasia. It has taken me around five hours to complete, which I fell may have been too long to do. I also feel that I have gone slightly overboard with the image, as I spent an awful lot of time on detail. Each part was done in layers on top of each other, which became very confusing to keep track of. Keep scrolling.

Layer1- Plain background

Layer 2- Background colour

Layer 3- Background detail

Layer 4- Background light and dark

Layer 5- Boat colour

Layer 6- Boat detail

Layer 7- Boat light and dark

Layer 8- Foreground colour

Layer 9- Foreground detail

Layer 10- Foreground light and dark

Then I went to the first three layers (background) and blurred them to give a more cinematic feel and make the image become more immersive 



  1. It's really awesome how you've included the making process, it's nice seeing how it was made! I love the way you've blurred the background, it really gives a feel of distance in the image. You're tonal work also creates a 3D effect on the building and steam boat, awesome job! :D