Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Greenlight Review

I sincerely hope I've uploaded this right.


  1. OGR 10/10/2014

    I've enjoyed the diversity of approaches and gusto with which you've approached the thumbnailing of your various cities - different modes of working, different media. Your OGR also captures a slight sense of scattiness and a rather tumbling, 'out-of-control' energy - which isn't a criticism, but maybe something to dial back and keep under review. In terms of professionalism and thinking about what others might need from the presentation of your work, there are some impressive examples coming from some of your classmates: take a look, and extrapolate some advice.

    Personally, I'm pleased you've ditched Octavia, as truly the 'spider' character was becoming a bit too dominant (whereas Calvino refers only to a sense of the city be constructed like a web). Anastasia is a rich and exciting prospect and you might be interested in some of the references and associated ideas I put together in response to Emma's choice of the same city:

    In terms of playing with Anastasia's duality (attraction and danger) you might want to think about looking at other kinds of things that play with this same tension and maybe deriving architectural elements from them, or colour palettes or similar: for example:

    ... and this plant looks alluring, but is pollinated by flies because it smells of rotting meat:

    ... and what about these beautiful, but deadly specimens?

    My broad point is, when seeking an overarching visual concept for a city that is both seductive and deadly, you might want to seek out things that operate in the same way - and from that extrapolate your production design bible (i.e. shapes, colour, texture etc). I think I told you about the production visual concept for the recent adaptation of Susan Hill's The Woman In Black, where the interior of the house derived all its colours from the colouration of bruising - and in this way they linked the 'wound' of the haunting that was blighting the house.

    Arguably, Anastasia has certain biblical elements - think Sodom and Gomorrah - pleasure cities that also destroy the soul...

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