Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Streets of Anastasia- Thumbnails

I have a clear picture of what Anastasia's streets will look like, I'm just experimenting with creating a perspective to draw. So here I'm trying out different angles to see what works best. I'm trying to get the shot of the street with the giant statue clearly visible in the background, though I'm having trouble trying to get the buildings look really tall. I will draw on paper plan out the image then do it again digitally.

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  1. Hi Cat,

    How about lowering the viewpoint so it looks like the viewer is looking up therefore, making the buildings and statue look taller. It also feels like it needs to be a greater space. One thing that helped me was placing the thumbnail in the middle of the page on Photoshop and start drawing around the thumbnail to open up the space. Then take everything and scale it down. Repeat the process a few times until you start to feel as though the environment is more cinematic :)