Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Le Voyage Dans Le Lune- Film Review

'A Trip to the Moon' 1902
Otherwise known as 'A Trip to the Moon,' this silent film made in 1902 marks the beginning of modern film making. It was the most influential film of the 20th century because of it's approach to film making. It involved actors, characters, costume, set and special effects. The story is about a group of astronomers who plan and go on a trip to the moon. They plan where they're going to travel then build a rocket, that is shot through a cannon and to the moon. I felt that this film took on the atmosphere of a dream or fantasy world. I thought that they weren't traveling into space, but up to the heavens where Gods and Goddesses dwell. Nothing about the film was physically possible or credible, so that gave it the same atmosphere of a fairy tale or children's story. I really like this style of film because I feel that movies these days try to create an event that could happen or has happened. That's why I like 'A Trip to the Moon,' because it makes me feel I've been pulled into a child's book, where there is a story and characters with motives, but not everything has to make sense and correspond with the real world.

'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen' 1989

There is one other film, made a lot later, that reminds me a lot of this film. 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen' came out in 1989 and I think that it was hugely inspired by 'A Trip to the Moon,' because of the sets, costumes and overall story.

I think that 'A Trip to the Moon' was a revolutionary step, not just in film but also in story telling altogether. This fantasy tale about traveling to the moon brought an escape from reality to the people in 1902. A year that was close to oncoming disaster, war and poverty in the real world. That's what I love about films and games, it gives an escape from a world we may not want to live in. And watching 'A Trip to the Moon' made me feel like a child again.


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