Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Greenlight Review

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  1. OGR 06/11/2014

    Hey Cat,

    Love the poeticism and the melancholy of your travelogue and I like very much the last set of thumbnails and how you illustrate the associations between the work and your ideas. I still think you need to actually give your city some specific thought in terms of its structure/hierachies/planning - as opposed to it being just a 'lump of buildings', and this will quickly become apparent as you seek to move from concept paintings to production art, and then into technical drawings in preparation for modelling. You need to identify your 'key assets' (the components you'll be modelling in detail), versus the elements you'll be communicating more impressionistically (via the matte painting for example). I want you to start dealing with specifics and types of structures - also, think now about view-point, because your thumbnails are tending to treat your city as a piece of sculpture, as opposed to an environment in which 'we're in' - you'll need to think about which view can 'explain' your concept, whilst also conveying a sense of being within a built environment: given the height of your city - and those stilts, you might want to start thinking along these lines in terms of composition/viewpoint:

    i.e. your matte painting isn't so much as sky, as ground.

    The really important thing Cat is to be a designer now too - to drill into your concept and think about it in practical 'pipeline' terms too.

    I want poeticism - but I want pragmatism and consistency from you too! Onwards!