Monday, 17 November 2014

Orucis Thumbnails

The top two thumbnails are experimental shots drawn so I could get an idea of what perspective to do my final image in. I would like to include the castle in the middle and also have some of the cage shown in the background. Also I want to portray the scale of the city, and make it look titanic in size. The top thumbnails are very rough sketches and are simply drawn for practice. The three thumbnails below are three separate studies of different aspects that my city has.

The first is a sketch of a tree that would be found in the surrounding landscape of Orucis. I wanted to show the deformation and mutation of the illness that hit the land where Orucis stands. I have done sketches on paper of the ill landscape and based the drawings on melting wax. It looses form and colour and soon becomes unrecognizable to what it once was.

The second thumbnail is a study into the buildings of Orucis. This time I have looked a little into the windows of these buildings, how they would look on the architecture that I've loosely designed. This thumbnail is mainly done to see the comparison in size between the building and a person. In the sketch a man is seen going up to the house in a sky bike. I drew this to get an idea of how people would enter their homes when traveling on a wire.

The third thumbnail is an establishing shot drawn from below looking up. This was once again done to get a sense of scale in the city. I wanted to show how high up it is suspended in the sky, and make it look completely separate from the sick world around. The cage holds it in the air away from everything else. This thumbnail brings an isolated atmosphere to Orucis.   

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