Thursday, 20 November 2014

OGR- Orucis

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  1. OGR 20/11/2014

    Hi Cat,

    Lost of imagination at play here - and very Calvino-esque city! For me, I love your sketches more than I like the concept art - simply because there is something about those wire-like sketches that, in themselves, express something of Giacometti's own work more excitingly: I love the long tall drawing on page 6, for example. That said, I also love the digital painting in the right bottom corner of page 8 - really conveys populace. The issue I have with the concept art is you've placed that big shape dead central, and now it's like looking at a display of Christmas decorations; the equivalent composition on page 8, with the sun at the bottom of the image is much more successful in terms of conveying scale, space and your concept more generally. If I'm being honest, I'm not sure about the 'angel references' as that feels imposed upon your Giacometti-inspired city - as opposed to you pulling out a visual concept from the artist himself. The other issue I have in design terms is that Giacometti isn't very glitzy, and there's something almost too decorative about your surfaces and bejewelled world. I think you could create this world of yours more simply - the concept stays, but your sensitivity for materiality and surface etc. could be recalibrated to make it more truly representative of your collaborator.

    A few things to think about in terms of finessing this vision of yours, but I would touch-base with Giacometti again and feed him back into the final production of your key assets.