Thursday, 13 November 2014

Salvezza the Angel of the Skies

The heart of Orucis exists as a palace in the skies. Salvezza castle is the largest architectural structure in the city and is the home to the people who rule over Orucis. The creation of this city is seen as a miracle through the eyes of the people who populate it. They think of the city as a guardian to them that protects them from the horrors below, and so using this idea I've imagined a city that symbolizes an angel.

 I looked first at angels and the visionary aspect of them that I want to interpret in the city. The depiction of an angel is essentially a human body (most angels are shown to be female) with feathered wings and sometimes a halo. I want to bring this out in Orucis by using Salvezza castle as the main body of the angel so it represents the angelic image that the city holds in the eyes of its people.

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