Monday, 17 November 2014

Orucis Thumbnails- Buildings

 The thumbnails above are more focused studies into the buildings of Orucis. I decided to look further into the windows and then thought of an idea to fit with the architecture. The buildings of Orucis are in a bright gold colour, to symbolize the dramatic contrast the city has compared to the rest of the world. Orucis is a shining city that is seen as a bounty of treasure to the people who live and survive there. So I looked towards treasures and gems and then finally based these thumbnails on the crown jewels. I've also come up with a class system that is illustrated in the design of the buildings. The first three thumbnails are buildings of high class, because they are more complex and frivolous in design. Number four and five show the lower classes, with simple pod like houses and hardly an coloured windows. These buildings would be found furthest away from Salvezza, the central castle that dominates the city.
These are experimental sketches done to establish a sense of light and dark. I've set Orucis in a dried empty land with a large red sky and a white sun. I wanted to show the landscape to be ill and abnormal. I found that these thumbnails helped a lot with getting a light and atmosphere for Orucis.