Thursday, 23 April 2015

Adding to the Lungs- Colour, Light and Bump Mapping

After making the map of the human body I decided to colour theme every set. This was because I didn't want every scene looking too much the same and also it helps to visually corresponds with the map. On the map the lungs are done in purple so I added a lambert texture to the lung models and coloured it. I also did a bit of bump mapping and duplicated the models and made them slightly transparent, so the wind pipe could be visible from the front. 

 I then added a directional light and a backdrop which I made in Photoshop, to help create more of a dramatic lighting.

 When the directional light was placed behind the lungs, it made them loose their colour, and appear black and white, so I tested out a spotlight placed in front of the model. This was to give some luminance to the lungs, revealing their colours.

 The next render proved the spotlight worked, and showed the colours of the model, but I then needed to adjust the light to hide the lines of shadows.