Monday, 20 April 2015

Hookworm Holidays- Title Page

 I created text into Maya to make my title page of the animation. I imagined the title to be set out in the same style as '20th Century Fox,' with bright lights and bold words; powerful and appealing.
 I adjusted the text by making it longer, to make it look like it was shooting out from somewhere and being presented to the audience in brilliance and all that jazz.
 It was looking quite plain so I decided to add a spotlight to create some dynamics. I position the light below the words facing up, as it resembles stage lights, a performance, something people must see.
 The first render test looked alright but didn't have the effect I intended, it looked too dark and a little intimidating. Either that or it resembles a kind of title page shown before a magic show.

To stop it from being so dark I added an image plane as a background. I had made this in Photoshop and imported it into Maya and placed it behind the text. This image is to resemble rays of sunlight while also incorporating a graphic style found in old holiday posters.  

 The next render tests didn't come out as I hoped, as I felt the the spotlight clashed with the light effect the background had created. It didn't seem to work as an overall image.

 Next was to experiment with moving the spotlight. I liked how the background looked with the text, so I didn't feel it need changing.
 Going with the idea of sun rays, I moved the spotlight in between the two words, to see what it would look like back lit. Yet the render test came out too dark, and difficult to read.

 Turning up the intensity of the spotlight made a difference but it was still too dark for anyone to read. However I could see that this effect was working as spotlight had exaggerated the lines of the text models, and they were parallel to the lines in the background.

 This final render is the one I'm most happiest with. After adding two more spotlights to the front of the text, it created the effect I wanted. I may do some tweaking to finish it off and neaten it up, but it has the atmosphere I wanted. That's my opinion but if anyone has any comments or thoughts then I'd like to know.

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