Friday, 17 April 2015

Hookworm Holidays- Costume Changes

For the hookworm characters they have a few costume changes to go through. I started off with modelling the wife's bikini, which she wears in the stomach spa.

 I also created some simple cylinders to act as cucumber slices, as it fits in with the spa scene better.
 The first shot of the film is to show where the hookworms live, which is in a mound of turd. So I wanted to make the hookworm's appearance look like they were at home. So I put hair rollers on the wife's head.

 I modeled each roller from a cylinder and then duplicated it to create multiple ones.
 This is what I had in mind for the rollers, but when seeing them like this I thought she resembled a judge more than a woman at home.
 So I duplicated some more rollers and placed them at the front her head on her hairline to make it look less ordered.
 I am fully aware that hookworms have no hair, or where glasses, or bikinis, or where cucumbers in spas, but I thought by humanizing the hookworm characters, it would make the animation more funny.

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