Friday, 10 April 2015

Hookworm Holidays- Set Modelling the Opening Scene

The opening scene to my animation is showing the hookworm couple outside in the grass, with a dog turd looming in the background. This is to establish where the hookworms come from and where the life cycle begins.

 I modelled the turd using a cylinder, and I extruded the top faces, to create different layers to the model, to make it appear like a pile.

 I had deliberately made the turd to look a little like an ice cream; this is because I didn't want the model to look too grotesque and it fitted with the holiday theme.

Concept art for this scene


  1. I bet you never thought you'd be dedicating as much time and effort to modelling poop! :) Good stuff, Cat - onwards!

  2. Hi Cat, that's the most appealing stool I've ever seen. I love the verb 'extruded', too - it sounds strangely appropriate somehow!

    D x