Thursday, 16 April 2015

Hookworm Holidays- Modelling Lungs

One of the shots to be made in the film is an exterior shot of the lungs. Even though it's a simple pan of the camera that will capture the lungs, I wanted them to modeled rather than being drawn as an image plane. The lungs were both made from a polygon cube and then duplicated to make a pair.

 I looked at medical illustrations for reference when altering the cube into the shape of a lung.
 A windpipe then had to modeled and put in, as I thought the various tubes and pipes make up a strong characteristic of the lungs. It would create a dramatic silhouette to contrast with the solid structure of the organs.
 The windpipe was modeled from a polygon cylinder then split into two at the bottom.
 Where the cylinder splits is where I edited and extruded the faces to made tubes that will spread over the lungs in a kind of wing formation.
 When making this, I realized how much the windpipe resembled a tree and it's roots. That's not particularly interesting, but it was a thought I had.
 After the 'roots' were modeled I then decided it was better if the bottom half of the windpipe was rotated so it'll be facing the camera.

Finished render

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