Monday, 29 September 2014

Diomira Thumbnails

Diomira is a city made up from sixty silver domes and bronze statues of the Gods. So for my first sketch I covered a landscape in domes and angel statues, but I think that it's too simple. From the short description in the book I got the impression that the natives of Diomira are highly religious because of the statues. In some ancient societies it was believed that the Gods were connected to the sky or the stars. So in my concept work I came up with the idea that the domes in the city are to represent the planets and stars in the sky, and they are floating in air in the hope that the city of Diomira may join the Gods in the sky, that they will become at one with the creators and rulers that watch over them. Sketch number five is my favourite and I'll move on with this concept.


  1. hmmm - a bit more structural exploration maybe?


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  2. Love the colours in these, Cat :)