Wednesday, 24 September 2014

First Esmeralda Sketch

Esmeralda is described as a city submerged in water. There are no streets, just rivers, and the only way to travel from place to place is by boat. At first I thought of Venice, and imagined a beautiful town with pretty buildings. That was my original idea, but then I looked at the abandoned submarine stranded in the river in Rochester. It reminds me of war and disaster. I then envisioned a world with only the necessities to survive. This Esmeralda is a desolate land in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster. The sketch itself is not well developed, because I mainly experimented with two different kinds of brushes. I used bold squares and triangles to build this disaster world, and I feel that this has made it better. This version of Esmeralda has no pretty details on beautiful architecture, no statures or artwork of any kind. Personally I hate this Esmeralda, but I might go more into detail with the back story of this picture.      


  1. I really like this image - very impactful, totemic, reminds me of the idols on Easter Island.

    1. Thanks, I didn't think of Easter Island but now you've pointed that out I can see a resemblance.