Thursday, 25 September 2014

Study of Architecture

 After struggling with drawing the buildings of Anastasia, I decided to research architecture to find a style to base my concept art on. I decided to do this because I remember when reading 'The Art Of Frozen,' the concept artists based the architecture on Norwegian buildings. They followed a particular style to achieve the look of the film. When I imagined Anastasia it was clean and brightly colourful with decorative buildings and statues, and I instantly thought of Moscow. 

 In 'Game Of Thrones' some of the cities had large extravagant statues in them. It's a symbolism of power and might, the statues stand as tall as God and look down on the world beneath them.

When I did my first digital sketch of Anastasia I thought of this and drew in several gold statues, with a main one that stood over a palace. Since Anastasia is said to have women roaming around seducing men, I made the statues to be beautiful women made of gold.
 Canterbury Cathedral

Fantasy city based on table lamp

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