Wednesday, 24 September 2014

More Summer Project (Posted Late)

The drawings I did over summer inspired some final images. This is some kind of security camera, with an eye ball for a lens. I thought that by using and eye ball instead of a lens gave the camera a creepy look, and asks the question as to whether this robotic machine has an independent mind. 

The light bulb makes up the main body of the robot in this sketch. And the animal isn't the main idea, it's the machine like goggles he's wearing. I was watching Narnia at the time so I started drawings animals and it merged into my sketches.

An old camera is where this idea comes from. This is a house that is designed to compress and fold itself down to the ground to escape the harsh conditions of a desert storm.

Glow gobbler! It's a plant life form that grows hanging onto tree branches and forms into a bulb with a face. It opens its mouth to release a toxin in the air that attracts fire flies. Once it has eaten one, it can start to glow, and the more fire flies it consumes, the brighter it will glow. The bulb grows bigger and bigger and some have grown so large that the tree it lives on snaps from the pressure.

From the old camera I came up with the idea to create an Asian dragon. Dragons from Chinese and Japanese culture are long serpent like creatures that glide through the sky. This effectively is a robot one. I really love dragons so that's why I did this. To be honest I haven't got much of a back story for this one but I could come up with one. 

Based on the blade of a pair of scissors, this is a monster that resembles a pokemon. When I was a child I watched an old black and white movie that had a tall dark beast which rose from a swamp. Well that's how I remember it. The real film might be nothing like that but I never got the image out of my head.

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