Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Hookworm Holidays- Body to Environment

From looking at old travel posters, I started drawing my sketches in a much more graphical style. In Photoshop the lasso tool came in handy to create sharp edged silhouettes to create a vision similar to silkscreen printing.
The blood stream

Guide map for hookworm tourists

Organ thumbnails

Mouth concept, with mountain teeth
Travel Posters- Influences


  1. Nice work :) can definetly see the influences from the posters here

  2. I think you could afford to get more minimalist still - cleaner, more schematic shapes, limited colour palettes - in terms of putting together really nice colour schemes, check out this online resource:


    I think your aesthetic could get more stylish still - limit your use of colour, limit your portfolio of actual tools and brushes and just work within an established, consistent mode:

    some examples of the style of minimalism:


    Think flat, matte, graphical, and even more restrained.

  3. I'll try my best, Phil :) but I've never tried working in this style before and I'm struggling a little to pick it up, though I think it'll look good in as a Maya animation