Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Hookworm Holidays- Environmental Thumbnails

My art of my animation will mainly be centred around the environment. This story itself is a depiction of hookworms travelling around the human body like a holiday. So they will be sight seeing as all tourist do, and this means that the environments are visually important. When creating thumbnails I decided to go a different route to create something original. I didn't want to start with drawing a floor, some walls and a roof. I decided to go more abstract and create small thumbnails with water colours, because this particular media is dicey and unpredictable. 
So I have no control over what thumbnails are created, though I then went on to add more to the thumbnails and went over them with pen and correction fluid. This was to help establish a structure from the abstract images.
After the small thumbnails I create some larger ones with more detail. Though these ones are still abstract, they are to help me work out different textures and shapes that may be used in the concept art. I reference these thumbnails from parts of the human body taken through a microscope, and a book on medical illustrations I own.
The last thumbnail is a rough sketch and painting or the red river, or the blood stream. Though it has very few similarities to what the bloodstream actually looks like, I've tried to capture the feel and atmosphere of blood and flesh whilst incorporating that with rivers, and lakes. Though it may be disgusting and unpleasant to think of worms travelling through the bloodstream, I want a melancholy feel to the concept art as it is portrayed as a holiday.