Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Hookworm Holidays- Complete Storyboard for Animatic

Now the storyboard is drawn on Photoshop, I can move on to start my animatic for the crit.
For a hookworm, life may seem a dump.

So why not get away? With Hookworm Holidays!

Take a tour around the luxurious destinations of the human body! Start you journey at the foot. 

A human with bare feet is an easy target.

Once you've found one, simply latch on!

And dig into the skin until you reach the bloodstream, your first attraction.

A relaxing boat ride up the bloodstream is the perfect way to start any holiday!

The stream will take you high into the torso of the human.

Here you will go to the mighty lungs, where you can try you hand at a bit of flying!


And up...

And up...

And away!

Where your next destination is waiting for you.

The mouth of the human.

Here lies a colossal mountain scape known as the teeth of the human. Enjoy yourself sight seeing, then go for a dip.

In the saliva river! This will continue you tour of the human body!

Fancy a break? Well now you'll visit our very own spa, located in the stomach.

Piping hot liquids to help sooth away the aches and pains!

And you trip concludes in the lower region of the torso, the small intestines.

Pipes upon pipes of comfortable accommodation waiting for you. So cosy, that you're not expected to leave. In fact you're welcome to stay as long as you like. Hookworm Holidays is fun for all the family! So why not bring the kids? 

Why not make more kids?

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