Sunday, 29 March 2015

Hookworm Holidays- Modelling the Bloodstream Set

When making the bloodstream set I started off with building a landscape. So I used a polygon cube and enlarged it horizontally to make a plain.   

Then I deleted the bottom layer and adjusted the top to form bumps and hills, and I made sure to leave a gap for where the stream is located.

This gave me the chance to test out different shots of the set for when I create a camera rig. It gave me a sense of perspective that I could envision in my head.

Next I took my tree model and duplicated it multiple times, to create the woodlands on the river side. This left me to place each tree on the landscape and position them according to the camera shot.

What I have so far, I am yet to adjust every tree and texture the set. I may make a start on other sets before then.

Rough drawings


  1. Looking good! - But are you going to make the trees have slight variation so they don't all look like the same one copy and pasted?

  2. Hi Katy,
    So pleased you sent me the new link :o) It looks so laborious, but I guess that's how you learn - shortcuts come once you've mastered her! What's 'hookworm holidays'? Sounds gorey, The bloodstream journey metaphor reminds me of those books about the human body with little people in them. And this old cartoon from my childhood:
    Dan x

    1. HI DAN! I didn't know who you were for a minute. Basically on my course we're doing a project where we have to create a short animation explaining a natural life cycle. My animation is on the life cycle of the hookworm, and I've gone for a holiday advert themed video. And that video link you sent me is perfect for a reference! Thank you! :D xx