Friday, 20 November 2015

Character- Bee Hive Castle Sketches

I'm finding the bee hive castle really difficult to design. The game is set in a fantastical called Parvus. I imagine the city to be a cross between nature and Tudor architecture, which is why I'm finding it tricky to sketch for. I want to design the hive first, as that is the castle to the city, where the queen lives and rules from. If I get the design of the hive established first then I can build the city around that.

When looking into the style of the hive, I have referenced from Tudor castles, cathedrals and honeycombs. These are a few very rough experiments to see if I can combine the references together. I'm finding it difficult to draw neatly and now realize what a terrible architect I'd make.


  1. Hi Cat, Just popping in to say Hi. I did an image search for 'bee hive in a tree trunk' and am seeing so many different designs. I though the following were interesting architecturally:
    One thing I notice is that bee structures tend to hang down rather than develop upwards, as your initial designs do. Maybe you need to invert things and have the turrets, etc hanging down from a branch. Just a thought

    1. Hi Dan :D didn't realized you commented, thanks for the advise!!