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Hollywood and Quality Film Review- Mad Max Fury Road (2015)

Figure 1- Mad Max Fury Road poster

Mad Max Fury Road is a film directed by George Miller. It is set in an post-apocalyptic world, where the Earth has been devastated by a nuclear disaster left as a dry desert wasteland. Max Rockatansky is one of the surviving humans left, and the film follows his story when he is captured by the War Boys, a clan living under the rule of Immortan Joe. Max is used a 'blood bag' for a character called Nux, who is a War Boy that goes on a mission with other War Boys in search of gasoline. Along the way the mission is high jacked by Imperator Furiosa, a woman also on the gasoline mission. She takes the crew of War Boys in a different direction, straight into a sand storm, where the rest of the party are lost and scattered. Furiosa has the war rig truck to herself. What she doesn't know is that Max and Nux have not been lost in the storm. Max goes to pursue her when the truck is parked, and finds that Furiosa has been hiding five women in the war rig. It turns out that Furiosa is like Max in the sense that she does not come from the War Boys clan, and plans on escaping with the other women to find her home. 

Figure 2- car chase scene

This film is a portrayal of how humans would survive in a post-apocalyptic world. If the race of humanity becomes an endangered species, how would the survivors cope? In Mad Max the humans have reverted back to a more primitive style of life, where the only forms of technology comes in weapons and vehicles. The War Boys live like a native tribe, and follow their leader as if he was a God to be worshipped. The desperation of the characters to survive in such a world makes this film an enjoyable picture to watch for an audience that likes action, violence and fast-paced scenes in cinema. The narrative of Mad Max is very simple, and so wouldn't appeal to those prefer a technical story that leaves the audience debating about the meaning of the film. This is a film of fights and chases, that doesn't leave an audience with questions or complicated story lines to obsess with. This is a motion picture to be enjoyed in the moment of viewing it.

Figure 3- Imperator Furiosa

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Figure 1- Mad Max Fury Road poster:
Figure 2- car chase scene:
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