Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Character- Re-designing Mater (feedback would be lovely)

After speaking with Justin today, I realized that Mater (queen of the bees) needed more work on her design to give way hints of her personality. She is a figure in the game who is suppose to be the ally of the main character, however she does not act like it, and can be considered a villain in the story. I tried to portray this in the alternative drawings I've done here, and I wanted each design to look very different to each other. Feedback would be greatly appreciated, it would be good to have outside opinions on these designs. 


  1. Number 3 with the light fur patterns and spotted arms of #4, brown legs and hands the size and shape of #1, and the headdress of #4 rounded out with the bulbous tail of #1 would look really nice. Starting with 3 as the base, you get the sense of a character who really isn't being helpful at all, but takes pride in thinking she is.

  2. The complete look of number 3 conveys 'Bee-ness' to me. It's her chubbiness that makes her different to wasps. :)

  3. Cool stuff I came across:

  4. Thanks guys :D I'll definitely look further into developing number 3