Monday, 9 November 2015

Character- Research and Re-think

For this project I decided to watch a documentary on honey bees. I found that a bee hive is made up of female bees, and the roles of both female and male bees are very different to each other. Female bees have a number of jobs, such as guarding the hive, protecting the queen, packing away the honey and scouting outside of the hive in search of pollen and nectar. The queen's job is to lay eggs that will hatch into the next generation. Male bees have one job, which is to impregnate the queen. Once a male has mated with the queen, he instantly dies. If a male bee is unsuccessful when trying to mate with the queens, he is thrown out of the hive and left to die in the outside world. The different roles that each gender holds gave me an idea to incorporate into the game. The player is put into a world where females are the dominant sex, and the majority of sexual discrimination is targeted on males. Also I've decided to scrap the wasp characters and focus mainly on the bees, as I think I can get a descent narrative from focusing on the bees and their hive.   

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