Thursday, 19 November 2015

Character- Wasp Beasts

When researching bees for this project I found out that wasps actually attack and eat bees. I wanted to incorporate this into the game, by designing the wasp characters in a more carnivorous style. I looked at predatory animals such as birds of prey, big cats, wild dogs and even species of apes. Earlier this week I saw a nature program called 'The Hunt.' This show has detailed footage of different predatory animals hunting for their food. There was one part of the program that feature chimpanzees hunting a small monkey. When they caught it, they started ripping it apart amongst themselves. Something about that gave me shivers, seeing chimpanzees, a close relative to humans, catch and rip apart a monkey with their bare hands seemed diabolical to witness. I would like to bring that kind of horror to this game through the wasp characters.


  1. Perhaps a Prey Mantis could be an influence?

  2. That thumbnail page is beautiful Cat :D 6 looks like it would murder anything that got in its way!